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Chainsaw Training

The Namibia Charcoal Association (NCA) in collaboration with CYMOT is presenting a 2-day training course for STIHL Chainsaw operators for the members of the NCA. The training comprises the following: The use of the industry-related Personal Safety Equipment and...

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NCA networking with charcoal producers

The NCA networked with charcoal producers in the Aranos area. We also had the opportunity to meet with the DoF official for Aranos and we are confident that we will have a good relationship going forward. The producers in the South are eager to upskill and require...

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NAMCHAR Visiting Namibia

Namchar op besoek in Namibie saam met een van hulle oorsese kliente uit Switzerland. Die doel van die besoek was om beter insig in die Namibiese probleem van "bush encroachment" te bekom. Dankie aan Namibia Charcoal Association vir hulle fantastiese...

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