A Team from the North West University in RSA visiting the NCA office on the 15th of February 2018.

    We could be the first zebra-nation in Africa

“There are certain things only white people can and certain things black people cannot do. There are certain things white people cannot do and certain things black people can do. We must learn to do things together” Prof.  Dr. Joseph Diescho said last week Friday, 11 August 2017 at Otjiva at the conference of the Namibia Charcoal Association. “We still have the best racial relations in Africa. We could become the first zebra nation in Africa”, Diescho, who was born 1955 in Andara in the Kavango region, said to the local farmers and charcoal buyers as well as foreign buyers and representatives of foreign NGO´s.

“Is the zebra white with black stripes or is the zebra black with white stripes?”
“It does not matter because the zebra has to live with white and black stripes. If you shoot at a zebra it does not matter if you hit the white or a black stripe, you injure or kill the animal”. “Namibians should realize that there is no white or black anymore, only Namibians”.

“We still do not have the project Namibia. We have not defined Namibia yet. Most of our questions are about the past and not about the future”, Diescho pointed out.
“NEEEF makes absolute sense in a bar”, the Professor pointed out and added:” Business is finding the solution for a problem”.

Diescho was impressed, that the charcoal industry, which started very small 20 years ago is now the no. 5 in the world. He warned that the situation could turn very quick if we do not care for each other and the country. There are numerous examples worldwide including Zimbabwe and South Africa. We should care about the environment too. “This is the mandate we received from God when he created the earth and man. The environment was there first, then man came and we have to manage the earth”, Diescho said.