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Documents that are needed to export to South Africa, click here

Documents needed for additional permits can be found here

Service fees and duration information can be found here 

Hardwood Charcoal vs. Charcoal Briquettes here

Q & A

Q:  How many tons can we produce?     A:  Namibia has a capacity to produce

Q:  When will the regulations become effective?    A:  The regulations are subject to be changed around 15 December 2016.

Q:  How do I get started?   A:  Market, Apply for a permit, Kiln, Acquaint yourself with the Labour and Forestry laws. 

Q: How do I become an FSC member?   A: Click here

Q: How much charcoal can a worker make per month?  A: Click here

Q: Where are Kilns available? A: Click here

Q: What permits are needed? A: Click here

Q: Where are the permits obtained? A: Click here

Q: How does a charcoal producer start? A: Click here

Q: How much does a charcoal worker earn? A: Click here

Q: Precautions for fire prevention? A: Click here