Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How many tonnes can we produce?
Namibia has a capacity to produce
Q: When will the regulations become effective?
The regulations are subject to be changed around 15 December 2016.
Q: How do I get started?
Market, Apply for a permit, Kiln, Acquaint yourself with the Labour and Forestry laws.
Q: How do I become an FSC member?
To become a FSC member contact your nearest
processor. The below processors are already FSC processors.
• King Charcoal
• Carbo Charcoal Namibia
• Jumbo Charcoal
• Makarra Bush Products CC

• Namibia Retort Charcoal
• Corridor Logistics
• Green Charcoal

Q: How much charcoal can a worker make per month?
The average worker can produce 2,5 to 4 tonnes. A good worker can produce up to 8 tonnes of charcoal per month
Q: Where are Kilns available?
Kilns can be ordered from by Inventec, in Otjiwarongo. Contact Johan Theron – Cell: 081 124 1916. Material to build kilns is available at Pupkewitz MegaBuild. Contact person: Nico Coffee, email:
Q: Which permits are needed?

Harvesting permit – Valid for 3 months – N$60-00

Marketing permit – Valid for 3 monhts – N$320

Transport permit – Valid for 7 days (Returns need to be submitted every 3 months )- N$ 20-00

Q: Where are the permits obtained?
By the Ministry of Forestry
Q: How does a charcoal producer start?

“A producer must be a landowner, or an agreement with a land owner (if not a land owner) must be made. and permits must be in place”

Q: How much does a charcoal worker earn?

The guideline is 42% of the selling price for charcoal. The minimum is N$780.00/ tonne

Q: Precautions for fire prevention?

1. Apply Pressure grazing increases. E.g. 200 to feed calves start to produce

2. 15m strip cleaning up camp

3. 30m cleaning up kiln

4. Have fire extinguishers ready

5. keep a “fire fighter” at all times ready at one of the producers

6. Chop into strips as indicated in Best Practice Booklet

7. Watch you Kiln

8. Burn with lid on

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